This site was created to help fellow investors and blockchain enthusiasts navigate the exciting but risky ICO space. The increasing amount of ICOs being launched per month is overwhelming. While there a many good projects being launched, it's easy to get lost in projects that do not have an actual need for blockchain technology or are outright scams. ICO Nerd's mission is to help you separate the good from the bad and the ugly.

There are many other sites claiming to help you find the next best ICO, but these sites often crowd-source their reviews and accept payments from projects launching ICOs. Both crowd-sourcing and the acceptance of payments prompt biased analysis; misleading investors into wrong investment decisions.

ICO Nerd does not accept payment in any way from ICOs to avoid subjective or biased reviews. But as you can imagine, maintaining this website and the database involves costs. Donations keep this site running and in constant improvement to help you make the right decisions. So if you have found the site useful in making good investments then please consider making a donation.

Thank you for your help in keeping this site free, unsponsored, and objective.

-ICO Nerd

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