What is ICO Nerd?

ICO Nerd is a consolidated set of tools and research to navigate the exciting ICO space, providing real-time statistics and analysis to enable timely and smart decisions.

Why do I need ICO Nerd?

In response to the hype surrounding blockchain and digital tokens, many illegitimate companies have launched ICOs with the sole purpose of exploiting and scamming investors. Moreover, many other, legitimate companies have launched projects with no actual need for blockchain, creating tokens with no utility and, ultimately, negligible worth. With ICO Nerd’s advanced analytics tools, you are empowered to filter out scams, identify legitimate projects, and pursue potential good investments.

How does ICO Nerd differ from other ICO aggregators?

Unlike other ICO aggregators, ICO Nerd provides real-time, automatically updated data and unbiased analysis.

Other ICO aggregators deceive investors by providing (1) inaccurate information and (2) high ratings on low-quality projects. They do so for the following reasons:

  1. Other ICO aggregators manually enter information and lack the means to update automatically, leading to inconsistent and/or incomplete ICO information.
  2.  Other ICO aggregators take payments from ICOs, leading to subjective reviews and preferential treatment of the ICOs that pay them.

How does ICO Nerd collect ICO information?

ICO Nerd uses web-scraping APIs to collect the latest ICO information directly from ICO websites, creating one of the most reliable and comprehensive ICO/token databases in the market.

Does ICO Nerd Accept Payments from ICOs?

No, ICO Nerd does not accept payments in any way from ICOs, in order to prevent subjectivity or preferential treatment. When other ICO aggregators accept payments from ICOs, they may rate these projects more highly and thereby mislead investors.

How are subjective terms reviewed?

Subjective terms, such as ICO Team, Product, and Market, are reviewed by Roland C. Boburg, an expert with extensive industry knowledge and a proven track record in order to (1) keep subjectivity consistent across all ICO reviews and (2) provide users with reliable and transparent information.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to Contact ICO Nerd.

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